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Vintage perfume poster, Parfums Des Femmes De France, instant digital download.

Perfume Poster, Parfums Des Femmes De France, vintage art nouveau beauty ad. – Instant digital download.

Art nouveau perfume Poster, beauty advertising print for French perfume this poster would make a lovely bedroom or bathroom wall art print.

This vintage, French lavender perfume poster encapsulates the glamour of times gone by and features an art nouveau woman in Edwardian dress, in front of a mirror with bottles of toiletries on it. She is using a powder puff which is in her gloved hand..

The poster is carefully digitally restored by an artist remove any major signs of wear and tear and to refresh the original colours, retaining the vintage character of the poster.

For personal use only.
You should not physically resell or digitally redistribute the artworks as originals nor as modified.


You will receive a link to enable you to download a file with different ratio JPEG files. Each ratio file has high resolution JPEG images, 400 dpi which are ready for instant download and printing.

Your link will expire in 14 days and you will be able to download the files 3 times.

A 4×5 ratio file for printing 4″x 5″, 8″x 10″, 16″x 20″, 40 x 50cm.

A 3×4 ratio file for printing 6″x8″, 9″x 12″, 12″x 16″, 18″x 24″.

A 2×3 ratio file for printing 4″x6″, 6″x 9″, 8″x 12″, 10″x 15″, 12″x 18″, 16″x 24″, 20″x 30″, 24″x 36″.

An international paper size file for printing 5″x7″, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, 50x70cm.

A file for printing 11″x14″.


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