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Set of three digital down load leaf prints, contemporary art.

Set of three green leaf water colour prints to download yourself and print when ever you need to.

You can also have these water colour leaf paintings printed professionally online or at your local printer.

Printable art is an easy and affordable way to decorate and to personalise your home or office and work space.

It’s so easy that you can print from home as many times as you need. You can also use your local print shop, or upload the files to an online printing website service and your prints delivered straight to your door!



Included are 5 files compressed into one file with a different ratio for printing different sizes, 4 zip files have a high resolution .jpg image of 300 dpi from which you can print different sizes for each ratio. The other zip file contains a printable .pdf file for you.
If you have any difficulty in printing your digital print, please contact me for help!

A 4×5 ratio file to use to print 4″x 5″, 8″x 10″, 16″x 20″, 40 x 50cm.

A 3×4 ratio file to use to print 6″x 8″, 9″x 12″, 12″x 16″, 18″x 24″.

A 2×3 ratio file to use to print 4″x 6″, 6″x 9″, 8″x 12″, 10″x 15″, 12″x 18″, 16″x 24″, 20″x 30″, 24″x 36″, 60x90cm.

An international paper size file to use to print 5″x 7″, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, 50 x 70cm.

A .pdf file for printing 11″x 14″.

Please note that the link for download will expire in 30 days and you will need to repurchase the prints.

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